Kratom Resin for SaleOf all the questions about kratom we get at the shop, among the most frequent is, “What kind of kratom should I buy?” We understand it can be daunting to choose among the diverse selection of kratom extracts, powders and dried leaves we offer; however, if you’re interested in acquiring kratom as an exotic incense rather than an herbarium specimen, it might make sense to buy kratom resin from us.

Kratom resin is a highly stable solid extract with the consistency of tar. Shaman’s Garden offers kratom resin for sale in chunks of 36 to 41 grams, though priced on the low side of 36 grams as an extra bonus for customers. Made only from freshly picked kratom leaves that have been extracted into an alkaloid-rich semi-solid form, our kratom resin has a sweet-bitter, slightly carmelized aroma—the perfect base for an intriguing, exotic incense blend. While not as intense as the Maeng Da (which we recommend only to consumers already experienced with kratom), our kratom resin can be more accessible and easier to use than other types of kratom extracts: just break or cut off a piece whenever you want to use some in a blend or by itself in an incense burner.

Of course, you might still be wondering, “Why should I buy kratom resin from you instead of one of your powdered extracts?” Honestly, it’s a matter of preference. Some people prefer working with our Maeng Da powdered extract, or our Gold, Silver, and Bronze powdered extracts; some prefer the resin; and some want to work with the whole leaf. All of these ways of working with kratom have their attractions and merits! We offer kratom resin for sale to those who prefer the merits of a solid extract, including kratom resin’s long shelf life, stability, and ease of use in incense preparations. Kratom resin requires no messing about with fine powders that can get everywhere: just break or cut off a piece, measure it on your scale, and adjust the amount up or down as needed.

As with any kratom product, positive independent user reviews are a must when finding where to buy kratom resin. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of bunk kratom on the market. Furthermore, once the kratom leaf is processed from its whole form into a powder or resin, it becomes harder to assess the quality of the herbal product at a glance. However, we haven’t been in the kratom business as long as we have without picking up a few tips about distinguising good kratom resin from bad. Besides independent reviews, look to the manufacturer’s own advertising about their kratom resin: does it include the strain and origin of their kratom? Do they include informational articles about kratom on their website or blog? You only want to buy kratom resin from a vendor who knows their stuff about this complex herb, and it’s these kinds of subtle clues that will tell you who’s done their homework and who’s just looking to cash in on the latest internet craze.

When it comes to kratom extracts such as the resin, we also have to talk about concentration. You’ll find most kratom extracts offer a concentration on their label: numbers such as 10x 15x, 20x, etc. These markers indicate the ratio of fresh kratom leaves used to make 1 gram of the finished kratom extract. For instance, 15x represents a 15:1 ratio, meaning it took 15 grams of fresh kratom leaves to make 1 gram of the finished kratom extract. This ratio can be useful to have because it gives you an idea of how much extract to use by comparing it with the known amount of fresh kratom leaves that went into the extract.

However, be wary of kratom vendors that advertise huge ratios such as 100X kratom extract: though this may sound like a great deal, in actuality any kratom extract over about 20X is not going to be full spectrum and will not preserve the full range of kratom’s properties. This is because not all the alkaloids in kratom are extracted equally. Kratom contains at least 25 identified compounds, all with different chemical properties; in order to appreciate the true range of kratom’s properties, it’s desirable to preserve as much of the chemical balance of the fresh leaf as possible. Sadly, most kratom extracts above 20X—and certainly any kratom extract above 50X—will not be a full-spectrum extract.

Finally, for those do-it-yourselfers out there, you can always choose to make rather than buy kratom resin! Here is one simple method we found that requires no complex equipment, just a pot, stove, and a freezer:

1) In 1 liter of water, add 25-35 grams of fresh kratom leaves or plain kratom leaf powder. (Note: don’t use “enhanced” kratom leaf or powder that already contains an extract of kratom. You would essentially be reextracting the kratom, which will result in a stronger-than-desired extract that is also not full spectrum.)

2) Bring to a gentle boil, stirring every 2 or 3 minutes, until half the liquid has evaporated.

3) Strain the kratom leaves or powder and set the liquid aside.

4) Add the strained kratom leaves to 1 fresh liter of water and repeat steps 1-3.

5) After one repetition, discard the remaining kratom leaves/powder.

6) Combine the two liquid portions in your pot and gently boil it down until the liquid has reached a syrupy consistency. You can then pour the liquid onto a ceramic plate or heat-treated glass container (we recommend Pyrex).

7) If desired, place your new kratom resin into the freezer for a few hours to firm it up. There! Now you have a homemade kratom resin you can place in the incense burner, dissolve in liquid, or use in myriad other ways as you desire.